Our Kennels

Each of our kennels are individually heated and offer their own exercise run. Dogs are free to come in and out as they please all day long until bedtime. Here at Benwick we believe it is crucial for a dogs well being to have regular human interaction with their assigned carer and exercise and in doing so we can constantly monitor them when on their holidays at Benwick. We have a very large enclosed paddock we can play and interact with them or take them for walks on extenders and we never mix dogs that are not from the same family so they get more one-to-one time.

At bedtime all receive a treat and a cuddle (carrots are very popular with a lot of our health conscious guests) and soothing music is played to get them off to sleep. In the winter months we ensure most have a coat on to go out in if it’s raining or windy and if needs be will be tucked up with a doggie cardie on for bed.

All dogs boarding with us must have up to date inoculations and kennel cough. This is not only in place to protect them but other guests staying with us. Unfortunately, if you don’t have this we will refuse boarding.

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